Thursday, October 2, 2008

Operation Baking Gals

This morning I packed and mailed double batches of Reese's Brownies, Double Chocolate Brownies and Lemon Cookies to the homesick troops in Iraq.

I read somewhere that Lemon was the thing Martha Stewart missed the most while in jail; her family was second. Don't get me wrong, I am not correlating jail time to time in duty. Service men and women exemplify courage, honor and selflessness--three of many characteristics that distinguish themselves from those in the clink. I hope a bite of the Lemon Cookies will bring refreshment and a bit of home to the troops in the hot, desert heat.

Cookies, nuts, dehydrated fruits and pre-paid calling cards are only tokens of our appreciation. How does one truly thank those who have dedicated more than their lives?

Double Chocolate Brownies

Reese's Brownies

Lemon Cookies

Sent to Zachary Sain

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