Friday, May 8, 2009

Seattle in One Day

Mike and Dianne were visiting for a week. We found one day, and one day only, to visit Seattle. Our 12 hour visit included a Boeing Factory Tour and a Pike Place Market Ghost Tour.

We were unable to take photos on the tour for security reasons, but we took advantage of a photo-op from the parking lot.

Boeing's 747 Dreamlifter is used to transport large pieces of the new 787 Dreamliner.

Afterwards, we headed for to Pike Place Market for a Ghost Tour.

Mike and Dianne.

Mee Sum Pastry's Char Siew Bao inerds.

The tour met near the Gum Wall.

What's that spell?

Oh my!

Zoe does believe in ghosts and she was still scared for Ghost Tour.

We visited places with old stories.

What's Seattle without seafood? We're not sure.

Matt, Dianne and Mike after our seafood dinner.

I like land animals, too.

I am a land creature, too.

Mike and Dianne bid farewell to Seattle.

We'll be back to see so much more.

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