Sunday, December 13, 2009

Next Stop: Chinatown

While making our cultural rounds, our next stop is Chinatown. Somewhat unformally, most of Singapore may be considered Chinatown to some people as the majority of Singaporeans speak Mandarin Chinese. Many residents also speak English and Malay. Chinatown is considered the traditional older quarters of Singapore.

Juxtaposition of modern amenities in a traditional old quarter of town.

A typical Chinatown street.

A street with traditional Chinese shop houses.

7 Eleven is a common sight in SE Asia.

A Chinese bakery that practiced Halah food guidelines, like no pork substances.

Egg Tart (S$0.90=US$0.63).

More pastries from another bakery.

Dragon Fruit from a street vendor.

A man enjoying herbal tea on the street.

Malls in Singapore are no different than malls in the States.

They have stalls and demonstrations, like this mop one above.

However, sometimes it's hard to tell why Singaporeans need to winterize their wardrobe when they consistently have tropical temperatures. Perhaps many Singaporeans travel to China, Russia or Mongolia.
Here, the patron in white is getting a tattoo on his leg.

Why Singaporeans need a humidifier is beyond me, but look at this cute Hello Kitty version.

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