Monday, January 18, 2010

On top of Singapore... Flyer

Visiting Singapore without boarding the Singapore Flyer is like going to Chicago and not going up (Sears) Willis Tower. Singapore Flyer gives you a view of the city's most famous landmarks while becoming one itself. Opened in 2008, it is the world's tallest Giant Observation Wheel, until another city builds a taller one. The wheel is surrounded by 28 capsules and the capsules are loaded with passengers to bring them to the top of Singapore.

Looking cool and calm as he poses with the Singapore Flyer (two stories up).

A capsule has two long benches in the center for passengers.

A view of the capsule ahead of us.

A circular map. How fitting.

Less cool and calm once inside the capsule and only three stories up.

I love air conditioning.

Oh, boy.

Freaking out!

Singapore's Esplanade, or as the locals refer to it as, the Durian.

The colorful bleachers on left belong to the floating football stadium.

The Marina Bay Sands complex in the forefront and cargo ships in the back.

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