Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now This is Flying

To say that Matt flew to Singapore is slightly inaccurate. Matt lounged to Singapore is a closer description of actual events. Due to the fact that the plane was completely business class, he was seated both next to a window and an aisle. His seat was so spacious, this was the first time he was able to really stretch out on a flight. His feet couldn't touch the footrest.

During the 17-hour flight, Matt was pampered with a plethora of reading materials and glasses of champagne, well maybe only two glasses. With work to complete, Matt only slept for four hours.

Caesar salad with roasted Cajun spiced chicken.

Seared Turbot fillet in green peppercorn sauce with sauteed mint-peas and fingerling potatoes.

Fruits in season. Matt probably didn't eat this because he thinks melons are gross.

Breakfast consisted of a egg square, potatoes and mmmmmm bacon.

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