Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gateway to Asia

Singapore is often times considered the most Westernized country in Asia and the gateway to Asia. Singapore is made of different ethnicities like Chinese, Indian and Malay, but as Matt's colleague explained, "It's all one big Chinatown, mate." You may think Matt's colleague is Australian, but he's actually Irish.

Matt said these ants were big, looked like the kind you would find in National Geographic.

As modern and Westernized Singapore is, it is also one of the most strict countries, but consequently very clean and very safe. There are cameras in most public toilets, and you can be fined if you don't flush. Yellow is not mellow; flush it. You can get fined for gum chewing and littering. There have zero tolerance for drugs. Drug trafficking is punishable by death. If you get caught with a joint, you can be executed within a week. No courts, no nothing. Matt's colleague said people get executed on a regular basis for this, even foreigners. As you can imagine, they do not have a drug problem.

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